Credit List – Documentary

It’s been an aim to work on a documentary project at least once a year (if not more!).  We love working with long-form projects and helping with that final stage of delivery.  From the final editing tweaks to sound / colour work… and even (awesome) credit rolls – we take pride in taking those final steps with a director to realize their doco dream.  Here’s a selected list of highlights.

“Big in Japan” :
94 mins (Fine cut / color grade / mix)
Feature length documentary Directed by Lachlan McLoed, 2017

“Journey Beyond Fear” : 98 mins (trailer / promo material / post effects)
Feature length documentary by Illusive TV, 2017

“Footwurku” : 74 min (Production / trailer)
Mini-documentary, 20??

“The Bitcoin Doco Pt2” : 25 min (Production / Editing / Mix)
Online web series by Dale Dickins, 2015

“The Bitcoin Doco Pt1” : 30 min (Production / Editing / Mix)
Online web series by Dale Dickins, 2014

“Omagh Celebrations 2014” : 27min (Editing / Grading / Mix)
Online / cable TV doco for Multicultural Arts Victoria.  Directed by Robyn Hughan, Steve Warne & Barat Ali Batoor.

“Journey to Nowhere” : 30 min featurette (Editing / Grading / Mix)
Promotional / preview cut of the doco, Robyn Hughan, 2013

“One million boxes” (Direction / production / all post production)
Funded by Mars inc, 2012

“Bush Meet 2012” (Editing / Grading / Soundmix)
Various Indigenous communities in WA, w/ Nicki Ma 2012

“Yiwarra Kuju: The Canning Stock Route” (Editing / Grading)
Exhibition at National Museum of Australia, 2011

“Back on Track” (Camera / Colour Grade / Soundmix)
CQL, 2011

“Beyond Words” (Camera / Colour Grade / Soundmix)
The Dax Centre / CQL films, 2010

“Not So Stright” (Soundmix / DVD Authoring)
Produced by P. George / P. Shmith / YAK, 2010

“Above and Beyond” (Editing / Colour Grading / Soundmix / Authoring)
CQL, 2009

“Salute” (Camera Op / Final Editing / Archival replacement management)
Matt Norman, 2008

“A Nun’s New Habit”  (Soundmix / DVD Authoring)
Robyn Hughan 2008

Various Productions (Editing / Soundmix / Grading)
A series of run-and-gun style mini-docos for Indigenous communities in WA
Nicole Ma Films 2005 – 2010

Doco’s we have worked on have featured at Festival de Cannes, been reviewed on ABC, exhibited at the National Museum of Australia and been screened on televisions stations globally.  In one case a doco screened in front of the Pope!