We typically take a job from concept to delivery. This entails sitting down with a client or agency, locking down a script / style and planning out a production schedule that suits us both. We then film, edit and deliver the job. Where possible, we keep it simple.

We make:

Promotional material for YouTube, social media and websites.
Training and induction packages
Media releases for launch events
Post production for independent documentaries
“Big screen” content for events like awards nights, launches or cinema.
Sensibly priced TV commercials



The Process


Cybertrix can work in any capacity to help you realize your production.  We are able to:

  • develop concepts and ideas with you
  • revise scripts and voice over content
  • check locations, prepare shot lists and filming schedule
  • help you prepare launch on social media and streaming platforms

We understand your time is precious and do our best to make pre-production as painless and as organised as possible. Happy to provide templates for pre-production work.


Making the lights, cameras and action happen!

With 15 years of production experience and over 600 delivered videos under our belt, we’re able to capture virtually any moment you can throw at us.  Our production kit can produce cinema-grade results, but is light-weight. Here’s some examples of situations we’ve previously captured:

  • Tons of interviews, seminars, presentations and speeches
  • Natural shots of people in their workplaces, labs or in the community
  • Specific tasks being demonstrated in a clear and easy-to-see manner
  • Capturing “the vibe” of an event with lots of smiling & waving
  • Product shots – large and small
  • Behind-the-scenes on movie set, television shows and launches
  • Hanging out of a helicopter shooting freight trucks driving down an airstrip

Most requests can be shot on a sensible budget and we have access to studios if you require something special.  Many requests are simple and only require a single operator with a camera.   Some jobs are more complex or benefit from being shot by a team.  By default, we shoot 4k / UHD with high frame rates and gimble shooting by request.


All the post-filming “magic”.

Many years of creative flair and dedication has seen Cybertrix complete post for a wide range of project categories.  TV comercials If it needs editing, with titles / logos, multiple camera angles, animations, interviews and voice overs – easy.  Color grading and mixing to broadcast standards?  No worries.  Here’s a list of skill sets we’ve put up by request:

  • Video editing from 15 seconds to 24 hours in length
  • Animation and compositing
  • Voice over recording
  • Sound Mixing (for TV spec, live presentation or radio)
  • Colour Grading
  • Web authoring and release
  • Runs of between 2 – 50,000 units of a specified format such as USB thumb drives (or DVD’s)

Our preference is to edit jobs that we’ve shot, but are also open to having footage supplied.  Give us a call on 0390133764 if you wish to discuss post options.

We’ve also come on board a number of documentary projects to help in final delivery.  Often this involves helping with a fine cut, colour grading, sound mixing and prepping for cinema delivery.