Recent Projects

Here is a selection of corporate work.  (for creative / doco work see this list).  We can’t possibly show a video for every scenario – so contact us for specific requests and viewings.


Melbourne Airport Runway Overlay (Corporate Creative)

“The story of what happens each night during the multiple-month process of resurfacing a runway. Shot from a range vantage points including the tower, runway areas and taxi ways.”  (Entire production and post-production by Cybertrix Media)


Dialogue in the Dark Promo Australia 30 Second (TV Commercial)

“30 TVC for Dialogue in the Dark.”  (Entire production and post-production by Cybertrix Media)
There is also an extended 3 minute version which highlights the business case.


Flinders Street Design Competition (Tech Insight)

“Created for our good friends at August, this video demonstrates the award winning voting platform that was deployed for Melbourne’s most iconic design competition.”  


Preston Vet Clinic (Small business)

“A modern animal hospital on Bell Street offering comprehensive care for your loved family pet. A day and a half of shooting and a few days to edit. Great example of a no-fuss fast turn around production.”  (Entire production and post-production by Cybertrix Media)


Lifeflight – Loc8 Implementation (testimonial / insight)

“Example of a client testimonial and insight rolled into one. No-fuss fast turn around production shot in another state.”  (Entire production and post-production by Cybertrix Media)


Dialogue in the Dark – Media Launch Event (same day turn-around)

Media coverage.  Shot and edited same day for next morning delivery.


PAX : Indie Arcade – Low budget coverage (same day turn-around for 5 videos)

5 videos shot and edited by the next day.  It was a long night!  Pre-video gimble days.


Live music

Example of two camera live music shoot.  We also tapped in an 8 channel recorder to the audio desk and mixed a live version of the audio.


Puppies Puppies Puppies!!

“Put the puppies video up!” come the cry’s.  This was just us having a fun relax after a filming for Guide Dogs Australia one afternoon.  Featuring 100fps puppies in sunset in second half!