Download HD PSD – Photoshop template for LCD / Plasma / OLED displays including “Broadcast Safe” markers.  Full HD ready for designer.


HQX – Format we often use to distribute “intermediates” .  Test files and CODEC installer.  (more info here)


Product recommendations 2017 – by Chris


Clients often ask “I want to buy a camera to film smaller scale videos / events / conferences – what should I buy?”.  This is a hard question to answer, but I’d generally recommend something that has great battery life, a decent full-range stabilized lens, a good auto mode and can record for more than 30 minutes (which almost no DSLR can!).   I’d also recommend pro audio inputs you can feed from a mixing desk for conferences.  Also something you can mount a light to.  My two current recommendations are both Sony cameras.

– Sony Z150 (here’s a review we did on it) : Larger format camera that sits solid on a tripod.
– Sony PXW-X70 : Smaller version of above camera.  Great run-and-gun camera, but tripod still recommended where possible.

In almost all cases, we recommending training a dedicated member of staff (or two) to use and take ownership of equipment.  Cybertrix can run a half day training session for this.  If you are an existing client, give us a quick call if you get stuck.

Small Tripod

– For lightweight video: Manfroto MVK500AM ALU.  Not super fluid, but easy to use.  Great price.
– For photo or fixed video (light weight only!): Promaster XC525 Ball Head Tripod (here’s a review we did for it)

Bag for equipment

– Manfroto have a series of bags that are strong and proven.  The “C” series is a great case.  (here’s a review we did)

The video reviews stem from a side project called The Purple Fringe, which is a podcast talking about video equipment that a few of us run when new or interesting products are released.  .