We offer start-to-finish corporate media productions for web, conference playback and installation.
We offer documentary finishing for independent projects to bring them to the cinema screen.

We create:

  • Promotional material for YouTube, social media and custom websites.
  • “Big screen” content for events including awards nights, conferences or festivals
  • Media releases for distribution to news and traditional broadcast
  • Training and induction packages for worksites
  • Media for installed video walls, including testing and deployment
  • Post-production (colour, sound and DCP mastering) for independent documentaries
  • Provide technical advice for presenting digital content


Our processes

The approach differs for each production.  But our engagement may include:


  • developing concepts and ideas with you
  • revising scripts and voice-over content
  • preparing shot lists and filming schedules
  • helping you prepare for a launch on social media or for a live event


Production / Filming

With years of production experience and over 500 delivered productions under our belt, we’re able to capture virtually anything.  Here’s some examples of scenarios we film:

  • Tons of interviews, presentations and speeches
  • Capturing “the vibe” of an event with lots of smiling & waving
  • Natural shots of people in their workplaces, labs or in the community
  • Specific tasks being demonstrated in a clear and easy-to-see manner
  • Product shots – large and small
  • Behind-the-scenes on movie sets, television shows and music shows

We have access to while backdrop and green studios if you need.  Many requests are simple and only require a single operator with a camera.   Some jobs are more complex or benefit from being shot by a crew.


2 Edit Suites and dedicated mixing room allow us to roll though post production easily.  We have an in-house voice over booth and small preview cinema with 7.1 audio.  The standard suite of services apply.

  • Video & film editing for online, cinema & broadcast.
  • Voice over recording
  • Sound Mixing (for TV, cinema, live presentation or online)
  • DCP Mastering for Cinema
  • Setup of systems for presentations (at various budgets).  Eg. QLab, OBS, MadMapper.


Additional Services

While not offered by themselves, the following services and skills can be incorporated into any engagement we have with you.

  • 3D Printing / design of custom controllers for triggering lighting or sound
  • Deployment of remote-triggered media replay systems for video and lighting
  • Design and setup of streaming solutions

Call on 0390133764 if you wish to discuss post options.

A side note on documentary projects:  We also help doco makers finish passionate projects that need the final touches to take them to the big screen.  We don’t work for free, but certainly offer very good fixed-prices for a fine cut, colour grade, sound mix and cinema delivery.